Nasty fetish dating

As luck would have it I started messing with one of my co-workers.

I knew she was a freak when I fucked her after three days of knowing her and bust nuts in her raw.

Although for days afterwards she could hardly walk and suffered bleeding when she pooped, however she wanted more.

I discovered that she had a pee fetish like the first chick did I was so excited and couldn't wait to get back to drinking girl piss again.One time we took a shower together and as I rubbed soap on her back I noticed a stream of golden water running down the drain.I laughed and joked that I didn't know girls peed in the shower.Over time we began to not see things eye to eye personally and decided to separate, but despite our differences on life issues we would always be sexually bonded and even if we weren't a couple we would still fuck each other from time to time. I like a woman to look like a woman and not little girls.Since becoming single I began to explore my other hidden fetishes. I also have a thing for hairy pussy, armpits, and legs. Another fetish of mine is smelling a woman's natural scent.

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