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Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA): A federal law that requires lenders and other creditors to make credit equally available without discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, or receipt of income from public assistance programs.Equifax: One of the three major credit reporting agencies.Budget: A financial plan for saving and spending money.

Bankruptcy Dismissed: A court order that denied a bankruptcy petition, making the debtor still liable for all debts.Consolidation Loan: A loan usually obtained for the purpose of reducing the amount of the payments of bills owed by consolidating the bills into one loan payment.The consumer pays off several bills with the proceeds from one loan and is left with one consolidated monthly payment.Creditor: The person or institution providing credit or a loan to a borrower at specific terms and conditions. Creditworthiness: The ability to qualify for credit and repay debts.Debit Card: A bank-issued card that enables purchases to be deducted directly from the consumer's personal checking account.

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