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The professional basketballer is the daughter of Mike Dabney and Kathryn Moore.

Born on June 11, 1989, in Jefferson City, Missouri, Maya’s parents named her Maya April Moore.

Maya refuses and says that she confessed because of 'lack of oxygen'. ", Maya tells Zack that her birthday is soon so he makes a party for her. The boys tell Zack that he will be having to change his ways for Maya.

However, while she is convinced that the party is hers, it was actually for London and Mr. At the near end, she figures out the truth and is touched by Zack that he is willing to go through so much trouble for her. Zack does not believe them, but Maya hints Zack on his status still being 'single' and that he should change it to 'in a relationship' which Zack obliges.

A complete Maya Long Count cycle is 5,125 years long.

The Maya Long Count system establishes an absolute chronology in which any given date is unique, such as December 21, 2012, in the Gregorian system.

I can actually manage them from the same spot now, so I guess there's a reason for everything.As mentioned in "Senior Ditch Day", she has been sick. While meeting Willa, Zack becomes attracted, but Cody tells him that he's "in relationship".Maya is also mentioned several times in "Twister" during the episodes Zack was looking for a nice gift for her because it was close the day of their 3 month anniversary.It was in the same year that she began playing basketball.Over the course of her career, she has won several awards as a student and a professional player.

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