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The series ends with Frasier on a plane, but it is revealed at the last minute that he had chosen love over career as the plane lands in Chicago, where he hopes to reunite with Charlotte.Kelly Easterbrook (Sela Ward) is a supermodel, part-time, in order to support her zoology Ph D work.The more significant of these are listed below, excluding Daphne Moon: Sherry Dempsey (Marsha Mason) is a bartender at Mc Ginty's, Martin's favorite bar, and, for a short time, Martin's girlfriend.Sherry is fun-loving, brash, loud and crass, and she and Martin share many interests.Besides the main characters Frasier Crane, his father Martin and brother Niles, Daphne Moon, Roz Doyle, and a few others, there were several minor characters who regularly appeared on the American television sitcom Frasier.As many of the plots on Frasier surround the romantic entanglements of the Crane men, several women have significant minor roles in the series.Frasier and Niles dislike her, but nevertheless, for the sake of family unity, they attempt to tolerate her, to the point that when the pair split, Frasier attempts to reunite them, despite it being against his own interests.

Similarly, she's the sort of manipulative, controlling female Niles is attracted to (e.g., Maris).By the time Faye returns to Seattle towards the end of the season, Frasier was already dating a KACL marketing manager named Cassandra Stone (played by Virginia Madsen).Almost immediately, Frasier finds himself torn between both women, and although Frasier eventually chooses Faye, he constantly calls her Cassandra by mistake.He states he is tired of the pity and ends up stating that he met a supermodel in Acapulco who would like him to be discreet.He reveals that it is Kelly Easterbrook, "the lotion girl" as Daphne refers to her.

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