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By default it will launch an xterm running your default shell, but you can alter this if you wish.

Apple has created a large number of sophisticated technologies that operate as systems on top of Darwin and Quartz.(officially pronounced "oh ess ten," interpreting the "X" as a roman numeral, though in other settings—such as "X Server" and "Xcode"—it is pronounced as "ex") is the BSD Unix/NEXTSTEP-based successor to nine earlier versions of the Mac OS.Mac OS 9, the immediate predecessor, is called the Classic Mac OS, or just (10.5).If you're in a rush to get started, the most important material is the "Setting up OS X" section (expanded by default).You'll probably also want to at least skim these sections before you get too far along: Scripting in OS X: Apple Script and opening Terminal windows These notes are a work-in-progress, and a few sections are schematic or just stubs. For a much briefer document with similar aims, see John Vernaleo's As a Unix user, you've unwittingly built up a quite a vocabulary of Unix-related terminology: kernel, X11, shell, xterm, package manager, window manager, GNOME, KDE, Open GL, etc..

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