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However, for lack of a better system we found no other method than simplifying searches by categorizing religious outlooks.

We set out to do this simply because an individual's religious outlook is essential in determining compatibility.

Quite commonly there is a distinctive mode of dress, one for weekday as well as a different one for Shabbos.

That specific mode of dress varies according to the specific Chassidic sect one follows. These are individuals who are no longer affiliated with the rabbi of their sect.

Please excuse us: It may seem that we are making judgments and encouraging categorization of people, when in reality we at Harei At embrace individuality.

Each person is an entire world, and we at Harei At certainly do not lose sight of this.

These individuals, too carefully adhere to every facet of religious and spiritual growth.

They observe Halacha strictly, are meticulous in prayer and Torah study and avoid secular pastimes.

A percentage of all fees goes directly to tzedaka, or charity.

Prayer, Torah study, and strict adherence to fulfillment of all Mitzvos are central in the lives of these individuals.

They are one hundred percent committed to spiritual growth, and strict Halacha observance is the norm.

Outwardly, they may (or may not) carry on with their distinctive mode of Chassidic dress which they were born into.

However, their inner essence does not correlate with their Chassidic garb.

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