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Maurice brings that out in me so it's not hard to play.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you saying Sonny and Brenda would have made it this time if only her true child, Alec, hadn't been found? She had a beautiful line where she said, "I finally have to put somebody else first before myself." And that's incredible, a sign that she has finally grown up.

Steve got me through my first few months when I joined and I'll never forget that. I'm not betraying the love story of Sonny and Brenda! That doesn't mean Sonny may not find love with somebody else and have a great relationship between now and then.

How have you felt about what's been done with — and to — the character? Marcil Giovinazzo: When things go really well, I don't take credit, and when things don't go well, I don't take credit. I work really hard, come home, hang out with my family. I don't really know what you learn from success, to be honest, but I think you learn a whole lot from failure.By leaving Sonny, she's doing the best thing possible for the child and the worst thing possible for her. You and I will have to have margaritas and eat tacos and I will tell you my whole theory on it.My therapist told me something great a long time ago: "You love who you love." TV Guide Magazine: You paid someone for that? There's a difference between romantic obsession and being around someone who is unhealthy for you and hurts you in love, but I do think you love who you love, and Brenda loves Sonny . Sometimes you can love someone so much that it almost scares the crap out of you.She thinks it's the thing that's going to finally make her a good person.Wanting to protect this little boy from Sonny's mob world is such a pure thing for her.

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If Brenda makes the choice to protect her son and cannot be with Sonny, I think she would choose to be alone.

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