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Tweeden appeared to by totally in touch with, and carefree, about her sexuality.

Despite some complaints that Tweeden is being slut-shamed and victim-blamed, critics say her actions appear to be politically motivated, especially since other parts of her story don’t add up.“Well, I could even be accepted now, if I wanted to,” she said.Tweeden bolstered her claim by saying she graduated high school at 16, but according to her official biography, she graduated from Osbourn Park Senior High School in Prince William County, Va., in 1991 when she was 18 like most other students.Here she is yuking it up at a gala in his honor 3 yrs after that distressing “assault”. She even dressed for the part for Stern.“Howard’s a man, he likes pretty ladies, so I thought I’d dress sexy for him,” said Tweeden during the show’s intro.She was wearing a tight, midriff-baring tee-shirt that showed off her ample cleavage. She also laughed off a non-stop stream of lewd comments from Stern’s sidekick Artie Lange.

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