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But, according to our own Marc Malkin, Cyrus is still talking as if this is her last season. I work with amethyst, turquoise, onyx, crystals, pearls and sapphires." Harring is also an excellent salsa dancer.Translation: Miley wants more pay if she's going to don that blond wig for season four. And Paris Hilton likes to play the occasional ice hockey scrimmage.No, Joe and Chelsea Staub are not dating people think they are because they have hung out and people get pictures of them at the wrong time. are Joe Jonas that portrays Joe Lucas, Nick Jonas that portrays the role of Nick Lucas, Kevin Lonas who portrays Kevin Lucas, Chelsea Kane (then known as Chelsea Staub) who portrays the role of Stella Malone, Nicole Anderson who portrays the role of Macy Misa, John Ducey who portrays the role of Tom Lucas, Frankiie Jonas who portrays Frankie Lucas, Rebecca Creskoff who portrays Sandy… He knows from the show JONAS that they are both on. Joe Jonas has been rumored to be dating Taylor Swift and Chelsea Staub. Jonas: Joe Kevin Nick as themselves with a different last name Chelsea Staub as Stella Mallone Nicole Anderson as Macy Misa Frankie as himself with a different last name Jonas LA: Joe Kevin Nick as themselves Chelsea as Stella Nicole as Macy Adam Hicks as DJ Jeezy David Henrie as himself = Personal and Private = Some aspects of entertainer's lives should be allowed to remain private unless the entertainer makes it public without having to be asked. People were calling them "Jamilla." Chelsea and Joe are good friends though and co-stars on the Disney Channel hit TV series, JONAS! neither as it said in a teen magazine he is currently dating singer/songwriter kaely church . Joe and Chelsea are not dating they are just very close friends. Joe and Chelsea have hung out of course cause they are friends. By what I've heard that Joe Jonas is going out with demi lovato and it could be true because i was watching tyra and someone asked a question about then to an astrologer and because of their signs that they are very compatible as for him and Chelsea staub i just think they are very good friends. I think they are just friends all of the rumors about Nick dating Selena and Joe dating Chelsea and Taylor are fake the only one i think is true is the one about Kevin and Danielle i disagree i don't know about Chelsea but i do know that joe Jonas did used to date Taylor and nick Jonas did used to date Selena but i still don't know about Chelsea Yes, Chelsea Staub plays Stella in the new Disney Channel original hit television show, J. Nick Jonas has been rumored to be dating Selena Gomez.

There were many various rumors that they were dating, and Chelsea did start hanging out with Joe very often and it lead to a conclusion that they were dating. In November 2010, Disney Channel officially announced that Jonas L. Nick said that the show limited their growth as a band, while Kevin expressed the show was "not good", and Joe said it "did not feel like us." Jonas was intended to star Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas, who lend their first names to their television counterparts.The role of Frankie Lucas was also created with Frankie Jonas in mind.In addition, Robert "Big Rob" Feggans, the Jonas Brothers real-life head of security, plays The Big Man, the JONAS bodyguard.The series originally premiered on May 22, 2009 on Disney Channel.

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