Impression management and online dating

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Findings from 35 users of a popular online dating system in the United States indicate that, contrary to previous research, users typically do not want to deceive their communication partners in order to appear more attractive.

This paper presents an interview study in-progress of online dating system use. I was finally able to taste her skin, to touch her. This date may be a sex mirage, the next a nerd mirage. And one fine afternoon, we were in her bed, naked, tangled in bed sheets. With everyone operating behind a smokescreen, actual compatibility is left to random chance.Social networking sites, profile images, self-presentation, identity, Estonia Social networking sites are quite new phenomena; however their popularity and influence is constantly growing.Millions of people use social networking sites such as My Space, Friendster, and Face Book daily in order to present themselves, communicate with friends and entertain themsleves looking at the profiles of others.

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I also focus on the qualities that are considered to be crucial by the 11 to 18-year-olds in order to become popular among their peers in the online community.

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