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First you need to know the types of bodies we are dealing with. It means your shoulders and hips are roughly the same width and your waist is smaller and more defined. Apple bodies have a larger waist and an average chest, usually with a wider back, flatter butt, and smaller arms and legs. Fit and flare, or A-Line dresses and skirts are wonderful for creating a wider shape for the hips and drawing the eye.

There is the hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle, and column. Again, you’ll want to divert attention from the middle of your body towards the legs, bust, and arms. This is another really common shape to see on transgender women, and a frustrating one for many. As you can imagine, you will want to draw the eye away from the bust and shoulders. This is a slender shape with narrow shoulders, chest, and hips. But that can be fixed by defining some shape in the body. The contrast of fits can really minimize the chest and shoulders for those apple and inverted triangle types.

Be sure to talk to your doctor about your exercise and eating plans, especially if you have never exercised, or you are planning a big change in your physical activities.

Learning about dressing to transition can be utterly overwhelming.

Evidence shows that with decreased estrogen levels in menopause, instead of storing fat in their lower body (gynoid distribution), women start to store more fat around their belly like men (android distribution), and around their bowels (visceral fat).

This visceral fat increases women's risk for diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

In fact, the opposite was true; women on HT gained less fat around their waists than women in the non-HT group.

So in this group of women, the changes in weight and fat are likely menopause and age-related.

Columns can pull this off too, but make sure to go with a more moderate flare or you might look more like a bell than a belle.In a study reported in the journal Fertility and Sterility in 1995, 63 early menopausal women on combined HT were compared to 29 untreated women for one year.The results showed that: These results indicate that combined estrogen and progestin HT did not cause weight gain or fat redistribution in this group of women.And, what most people won’t tell you- you will easily be able to see if you are wearing any kind of shapewear. They can help hide larger shoes for those girls that have slightly bigger feet. A v-neck draws the eyes down towards the chest and mid-section away from the shoulders.Any hip pads, or butt pads, or spanks are going to be painfully obvious. But this is another tough one for trans women to pull off. Skinny jeans will REALLY exaggerate the size of your feet. The biggest rule I’ve learned is this- just say no to cap sleeves. A little clingy is fine, but you want a little structure to it. And believe it or not- a v-neck can help slenderize the face as it draws the eye down. They can be wonderful tools for creating shape by defining a waist, but with the wrong body shape and wrong best- they can be horrid.

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Add light weights to your strength training to help you build lean muscle.

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