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However, in season five Cole escapes The Wasteland, due to him stealing vast amounts of powers off other dead demons, and forces himself into the sisters' lives again.

Cole never regains their trust and although he attempts to dedicate his new life to being good, Christopher Perry Halliwell (played by Drew Fuller) is the second son of Leo (Brian Krause) and Piper (Holly Marie Combs), making him a half-witch and half-whitelighter.

Paige is ambitious, outspoken, and stands firmly in what she believes in.

She is the secret love child of the Halliwell sisters' mother Patty (Finola Hughes) and her whitelighter Sam Wilder (Scott Jaeck), making Paige both a witch and whitelighter.

In season six, Chris reveals that he is actually Leo and Piper's son and that he traveled back in time to prevent his older brother Wyatt (Jason and Kristopher Simmons) from growing up to be the evil dictator he becomes in the future.

Leo is introduced into season one as the Halliwell sisters' handyman who is hired to fix up their house, Dan Gordon (played by Greg Vaughan) is a neighbor of the Halliwell sisters in the second season.Paige was given up at birth and raised by her adoptive parents.She was unaware of her magical history until Prue's (Shannen Doherty) funeral at the beginning of season four, in which she goes on to help reconstitute The Charmed Ones by taking Prue's place in the Power of Three.In the season six finale, adult Chris is killed by an Elder named Gideon (Gildart Jackson) and baby Chris is born. Billie Jenkins (played by Kaley Cuoco) is a young witch who has the power to move objects with her mind using telekinesis.Billie is introduced into season eight as a college student and a new charge for Paige (Rose Mc Gowan).

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Prue also develops martial arts skills and becomes an effective hand-to-hand fighter.

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