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After Holli was declared the winner of Hell's Kitchen, it was later revealed that her visa would not let her work in the UK, meaning that she would not be able to work at the Savoy Grill. Executive Chef at Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant at the in

However, she was not given the job, with Ramsay citing visa problems.

(Mc Cormick, 1959a, p.12) Up to World War II, the newspaper in New Zealand was essentially of two kinds: a large metropolitan paper, owned by a company or perhaps still under family control; or a small or medium-sized country paper, perhaps issued daily but more likely issued bi-weekly or tri-weekly, and very likely to be under the control of a working proprietor in the case of the smallest papers or, in larger towns, family owned and perhaps also family operated.

Skilled personnel was in short supply and many newspapers closed, never to reopen.

Everyone gets along with everyone for different reasons. Part of me thought there was no way I could lose but then again, you never know because it's Hell's Kitchen.

Lindsay, Reality Wanted: How do you feel about Holli's win and her ability to lead at the Savoy Grill?


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