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Out of sight, out of mind.— Mike (@Mike Chap67) July 10, 2019 But does he make a valid point about the heightism dating app users face?

For some dating apps, like Hinge and Tinder, stating your height is a requirement for users.

Personally it is my opinion that some people perceive shorter people as less attractive, but that this view is a social construct reinforced by the media. If you watch sitcoms, scan Twitter comments or just generally read stuff you will see that many people subscribe to the ‘tall=attractive’ viewpoint.This is also just my personal take on heightism – other heightism activists may view heightism differently).I wish I knew the answer to that and it is something I hope to understand better while I write more for this blog.I'm not sure what term Little People like to use to describe the prejudice they experience, it may be referred to as disablism or by another term.I cannot vouch for this, but I suspect that Little People have to experience both.

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