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Originally posted by APhi Sailorgirl Ok I may be reading this wrong, but it appears you have to be married and out of high school for 1-2 years (depending on your sex) before you can even go. graduate; however, intended applicants are strongly encouraged to complete high school or a G. Originally posted by lauren1874 I can't stop reading this. I love this: "No one may march in the graduation exercises unless his grade point average at the end of the semester preceding graduation is at least .8." Dude, don't you have to have AT LEAST a 2.0 to graduate from college?

Maybe that's because your missions take up that time? If a person is twenty years of age or older, he may enter our Five-Year Program without being a high school or G. I mean, I guess if you've done REALLY well through the rest of college you could still theoretically graduate if your GPA at the end of the last semester is .8, but doesn't that seem a little nutty? "Students who receive bachelor degrees and who maintain a high academic average at Hyles-Anderson College will graduate with honors as follows: Cum Laude .

And then my second reference can be my psychiatrist.

If they think that Roman Catholics are a cult, then they must think that we Eastern Orthodox are satanists. I want to apply and use my rabbi for my pastor's reference. Oh wait, I do have a friend who is a rock musician...maybe he'd do it.

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