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Trust funds are a great way to build wealth for future generations, but many new investors tend to shy away from them because they think they are only for the rich.Although trusts have an association with blue blood families and powerful moguls, trust funds can make a lot of sense even if you are a widowed grandmother who just wants to leave ,000 to a grandchild to help him or her complete his or her education.Certain states have advantages over others depending on what it is the grantor is attempting to accomplish, which is why it is so important to work with a qualified attorney when drafting your trust fund documents.Some states permit so-called perpetual trusts, which can last forever, while others will forbid such entities for fear of creating another landed gentry class that results in future generations inheriting large amounts of wealth that the beneficiaries did not earn.One of the most popular provisions inserted into trust funds is the so-called "spendthrift" clause.Simply stated, what this means is that the beneficiary cannot pledge the assets of the trust, or dip into them, to satisfy his or her debts.

Please note that Oak Point did not acquire books and records.

The original goal of the company was to “get customers to order within 20 minutes of landing and have the goods waiting for them on arrival”.

At its peak, the catalog was read by 650 million passengers each year.

This can make it impossible for profligates to find themselves destitute after they incur large debts. Imagine the beneficiary made a large bet at the roulette table, lost, and wasn't able to repay the debt.

The casino probably won't be able to touch the trust fund's principal when it goes to collect the money owed to them.

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Sky Mall also operated as Fly Reply Corp, SHC Parent Corp, Sky Mall, Inc., Sky Mall Interests, LLC, Sky Mall, LLC, Spy Fire Interactive, LLC, Stacked Digital, LLC, Xhibit Corp, and Xhibit Interactive, LLC.

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