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At the same time, the images still function as fully realised art works.

This exhibition offers a small overview of these illustrations. Taavi Oolberg “Down to the Last Blade of Grass…” The aim of the artist is to construct a shrine that would express the contemporary situation where religion has spread on the same assimilative basis as in earlier eras.

Hiking, biking or relaxing at a mountain lake - Engelberg offers countless possibilities to enjoy the warm summer days outdoors.

The new Alpine Cheese Trail is an appetizing hike through Engelberg’s diverse natural landscape that takes in eight different Alpine dairies.

Where different icons of (mass) culture are immediately used as part of the teaching.

Today, 25 July, three new exhibitions will be opened in the Tartu Art House: the opening act of the Tartu Printmaking Festival 2019 “Rabid Herd” in the large gallery, Heldur Viires “Exhibition in a Suitcase” in the small gallery (curator Margus Meinart) and Taavi Oolberg “Down to the Last Blade of Grass…” in the monumental gallery (curator Indrek Grigor, Tartu Art Museum). Tartu Printmaking Festival 2019 “Rabid Herd” The human evolution is developing in unprecedented steps towards technological perfection and imminent robotisation.

The blog author Stéphanie Souron visited the cheese maker Sälmi in his alp on Gerschni and was introduced by him to the secret of his alpine achievements.

Stéphanie soon realised that alpine life had nothing to do with romanticism but was hard work.

The Archaeological Museum Colombischlössle, right by the Park Hotel Post exhibits findings from the Palaeolithic Age to the Middle Ages.

The Augustine Museum has a remarkable collection of art from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

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