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For some time, Frank was homeless until he finally managed to secure a trailer as a place to live. Starting out as a door to door salesman, Frank struggled with extreme poverty before finally achieving success..

One of his most crippling obstacles was his extreme aversion to the practice of cold calling on clients.

Marketers of course already know who Frank Kern is; the most successful online marketer in history.

One of his most famous products, Stomper Net, achieved the then unheard of level of 18 million dollars in sales within hours of its release.

By studying Robbin’s motivational techniques and applying them to his marketing career, Frank was able to overcome many of his initial limitations.

Eventually, Frank collaborated with his former mentor, Tony Robbins, on a number of successful products.

So whether you're looking for some inspiration in life to figure out what you want to do, motivation to keep you going in what you already know you’re meant to, or just looking for some powerful ideas to make a deeper impact on your mind, this is the podcast for you!

If you landed on this page, its likely that you searching for more information about Frank Kern and some of his business ventures. Frank Kern is a successful online marketer, who is rated by many as one of the top gurus in the marketing industry today.

Along with being one of the founders of internet marketing, Frank remains one of the most knowledgeable people about this rapidly evolving field.

Another of his products, a guide to dating for men, grossed an impressive 6 million dollars.

Many of Frank Kern’s other products have also achieved millions of dollars in sales.

Later he borrowed a few Tony Robbins (personal development, mindset training) tapes from his stepfather and began to work on the mindset that soon lead him to establish a successful business online.

He began learning about online marketing after he bought a 7 course on how to make money online by Cory Rudl.

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Frank implemented a few techniques he learned from the course and began to see results.

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