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Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, and Hayden Panettiere were considered for the part before Hough was cast.

Dennis Quaid was cast as Reverend Shaw Moore, and Miles Teller was cast as Willard Hewitt.

Later in church, Shaw finds out about the incident and demands Ren's arrest, Ariel tells him that he can't blame everything on Ren just like he did with Bobby.

She then reveals that she is no longer a virgin, which prompts Shaw to beg for her to not talk like that in church, having Ariel sarcastically ask Moore if he will pass another law and says that it didn't stop her and Chuck from having sex.

Shaw tries to apologize, but Vi stops him, telling him he has gone too far." The movie ends with everyone dancing to the opening song "Footloose".Former Dancing with the Stars ballroom-dance professional Julianne Hough was cast as Ariel.He then asks Shaw respectfully if he can take Ariel, to which the latter agrees.On the day of the prom, Shaw asks his congregation to pray for the high school students putting on the prom.

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The film follows a young man who moves from Boston to a small southern town and protests the town's ban against dancing.

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