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tf its this shit Thing is that rape is described in the law as forced action etc, and they couldn't prove that there was any forcing and as such decided to judge it only as sexual abuse.After this incident there have been already a lot of political movement to a) make all such cases automatically rape b) increase the penalties for sexual abuse on children.It has resulted in plans to make these sort of laws even stricter, as promised by the justice minister, NOT making it legal.It's not a coincidence you only find a handful of poorly written articles from far right news sites when you google the title. I agree that the punishment should be ALOT worse than that...Sex crimes have increaced alot after more and more refugees have come into the country. Refugees and immigrants constantly get away with raping underage girls.Finnish development policy continues to prioritize gender equality and the rights and empowerment of women and girls.Sexual and reproductive health and rights is key in gender equality and human rights work.

UNITED NATIONS, New York/SOMALI REGION, Ethiopia – Trik Dulene knows all about bullying and coercion when it comes to a woman’s reproductive choices.This is happening globally in all countries, cultures and religions yet no one seems to bat an eye. It's not the legal definition in Finland, there have been proposals to amend the definition towards consent rather than what it is now ("forceful"), but it's been shot down for various juridical reasons That's how it is in most countries, but here it's defined 1) by the use of violence or threathening to use violence to (holding someone down is included in this definition; "forcing") 2) abusing someone's unconsciousness, illness, handicap, state of fear or other helpless state who is unable to defend themselves or express their will I would argue that the second clause applies here, but it's a bit unclear and definitely doesn't cover everything it should.It's not exactly "rape" in our legal definition but it does pass for major child exploitation which is punished accordingly (although I personally think we should increase the punishment, rape or not). This is why you don't post political shitposts to HLTV.(Maybe "get away" is the wrong term, but they usually get maybe max 1 year in prison and that's it.Sometimes they get more like the guy in this case got 3 years, but that's rare.)This article is related to a single case, which caused huge debate in Finland.

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