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The country’s call center employee numbers have overtaken India’s too.Philippine officials, understandably so, have trumpeted their country’s success in the call center industry and are predicting that more jobs will be generated.“Developed countries, from which the demand for online sex exploitation usually originates, must do their part,” she said.

The biggest obstacle to tackling the crime at its source is a widespread belief within communities that making children appear naked on webcam is a victimless act, rights groups say.

“This makes tracking them more difficult - it is a challenge to gather digital evidence,” he added, explaining how anti-money laundering and cybercrime officials help police to chase leads.

Web and online money companies must do more to spot abusers, yet criminals can easily jump between platforms, said a U. investigator who tackles cybersex trafficking in the country.

“This is a global trend - but very evident in Southeast Asia,” said Damian Kean, a spokesman for End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT) International, a network of charities.

“We are seeing online sexual exploitation of children expand across the region.” Victims in the Philippines are getting younger as poverty drives families to abuse their children in exchange for money from clients around the world, said Lotta Sylwander, country director for the United Nations children’s agency (UNICEF).

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Joint operations with nations such as Britain, the United States and Norway could swing the tide as clients realize they can be punished at home, added the investigator, who did not disclose his name as he was not authorized to discuss his work.

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