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The Network has been in existence since May 2006 and organises two annual events.The aim of the Io T Languages Strategy Network is to adopt a pro-active approach to language learning and teaching and to foster greater inter-institutional collaboration for languages within the Io T sector to the benefit all participants.University of Nevada, Las Vegas In recent years, NICHCY has received an increasing number of requests for information on how to make adaptations and accommodations for students with disabilities in both general and special education classrooms.

All content taken from, and other famous tube sites.Network participants adopt a cohesive and pro-active approach to addressing the various problems and opportunities and to actively promote the learning of languages, and transferable skills related to language learning, within the Io T sector.This website is the result of our collaborative work within the Network.It is a work in progress and will be further developed and regularly updated by participating Io T language lecturers.The contents of this website are based on contributions formulated by Network participants actively engaged in language teaching and learning.

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