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Before her book had been out a month, readers bombarded her with questions the book had not addressed, and these formed the basis of later versions of the book.

Etiquette was originally written for the newly rich who wanted to live, entertain, and speak like the wealthy.

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Growing up in an era of servants and chaperones (older people who accompany younger people to social gatherings to make sure they behave), Emily was educated at home and attended a finishing school (a school that prepares girls for social life) in New York, New York, where her family had moved.

She also traveled to Canada, France, and Italy with her father, often going with him to check on the progress of the buildings he had designed.

Her "Blue Book," which was the American standard of etiquette for years, was reported to be second only to the Bible as the book most often stolen from libraries.

Three-In-One," a wonder woman who acted as cook, waitress, and charming hostess at small dinner parties.Born into a wealthy family in Baltimore, Maryland, Emily Price's birth date is variously reported as October 3, 27, or 30, 1873.She was the only child of Bruce Price, an architect, and Josephine Lee Price.Post also started a column of questions and answers that appeared in 150 newspapers and received as many as twenty-six thousand letters a year at her New York office and more at newspapers in other cities.During the 1930s she appeared three times a week on her own radio program, which continued for eight years.

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Although Post's advice on social behavior changed over the years, even in later versions of the book she refused to give up the idea of the chaperone.

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