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Real life tells a much different type of underdog story here, but Furlong hasn't given up—and he's still regarded as a talented actor.

His road from child star to troubled adult is a classic warning of the high price of fame, but such tragedies have also given way to equally classic stories of redemption.

Staying relevant as a former child actor is tough enough, but as a notorious party guy, it's damn near impossible.

Recent appearances have revealed that his lifestyle has taken its toll on the onetime teen idol.

Edward Furlong was always unattractive and weird-looking, with a reedy, lispy voice. If he shaved and cut his stringy hair short he would be just about as good looking as he used to be."I remember reading about him dating his on-set 'tutor' back when he was 15, 16... Nicholas Hoult and then there are folks like Furlong who seem cute when they're young and just grow out of it.While finding high-profile parts as an adult has proven difficult, there are very few gaps in his résumé.Furlong is still working, most recently on the You Tube series " Sadly, the premonitions were spot on.As is too often the case, however, his early peak gave way to tough times in adulthood.Furlong's story plays out like a textbook case of former child stardom.

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