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But I wanted to share a guide to some of the top things to see in Edinburgh for those planning a visit.

A first time visitor naturally wants to see some of the highlights of this gorgeous city that holds two UNESCO designations for its higgledy-piggledy medieval Old Town and its well-planned Georgian New Town.

But you may also want to explore a few other areas as well.

Our recommendations include visiting the city’s iconic medieval castle, climbing an extinct volcano, visiting the world’s largest monument to a writer, seeing Scotland’s crown jewels, sipping whisky, going underground to explore some of the city’s medieval past, viewing world-class art, and paying homage to a famous little dog.

Andrews, Loch Ness, golf courses, the Scottish Borders, and Glasgow.

Note though that during this time the city is a lot busier than usual, and accommodation is both pricey and hard to come by so book in advance.

The center of Edinburgh is easily walkable, with the majority of attractions easily accessible by foot.

The airport is a short bus, taxi, or tram ride from town, so this is a very practical option.

If you’re don’t want to fly, then there’s a fast train service from London to Edinburgh, which takes around 4.5 hours.

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