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But unlike those others, we’re doing it better, faker, and stupider.

There really hasn't been much talk about The Hangover 4, but Ed Helms was recently asked about it anyway to which he replied that it is definitely not ever going to happen.

His film credits include the Hangover trilogy, Cedar Rapids and Vacation. His father is John Helms and his mother is Pamela Parks.

Ed Helms father’s name is John Helms and mother Pamela Parker.

John Lucas and Scott Moore were able to sell their script to Warner Bros. As far as the amazing chemistry that the trio of actors had, Ed Helms says that it is most likely due to the fact that they all knew each other beforehand.

Helms, Bradley Cooper, and Zach Galifianakis all enjoyed being around each other, which is one of the reasons why the next two movies even came out.

Per the logline, the special will seem like a real newscast but will deliver a constant stream of jokes with such extreme deadpan gravitas it’ll ruin viewers capacity to watch the real news ever again without laughing.

Helms also produces alongside Mike Falbo and Nelson Waters. “Obviously there are lot of news organizations out there just making up a bunch of crap and calling it news.

A sequel was pretty much guaranteed a few weeks after the came from a real-life story from Producer Tripp Vinson, who was a good friend of executive producer Chris Bender.Jon Lucas and Scott Moore wrote the script based off of Vinson's story of getting blackout drunk in Las Vegas and going missing from his own bachelor party.When Vinson awoke, he was in a club with a huge bill that he was expected to pay.And when pressed further and asked about the chances of it happening, Helms simply said, "I'd say the chances of a fourth movie are between zero and zero." For most fans of , this is welcoming news as most would just like to forget that they ever even made any more of them.However, there might a small group of fans that wish to see what kind of trouble the crew could get into again.

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