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: I don’t know about you but I am a HUGE history and museum buff.I love everything about learning and flexing my knowledge in front of my boyfriend.For those of you who do not know, Korean BBQ, is a dining experience that you partake and immerse yourself in!Each table has its own little grill and you or the waiters (in our case – we were beginners lol) will come around and cook your meal right in front of you.The Original Farmer’s Market at The Grove is the perfect spot if you/your S/O don’t have the same taste buds.There is a very homey and authentic feel and all of the restaurants/food vendors are reasonably priced.Plus if you go on the right now, there is usually an accordion player which really sets the romantic mood!Plus, if the date is going well, The Grove is the perfect place to walk around to get some dessert and watch the fountain show!

🙂 : For all of you romantic people out there look no further than Left Bank.The best part was, when I was in line looking to get a cocktail the couple in front of me were giving off MANY second date vibes. SO if your date is not into that, maybe this wouldn’t be the best spot.Turns out, after the actors also sensed this as well, they told the audience it was their THIRD date! However if he/she has a good sense of humor and likes to drink (they give you a shot when you walk in) then this is the spot for you!! The Flying Cock – This has quickly become mine and Kyle’s favorite spot in Murray Hill for Brunch & Dinner.East Coast Date Spots – Courtney Breaking down a few of my favorite restaurants & places for the perfect date night or even your VDAY dinner in New York City. – What can I say about this Off Broadway show other than that it was freaking hilarious.I saw it last weekend with my little sister and her boyfriend and we laughed, cried, drank and maybe even cringed a bit. The actors will ask you questions and make you a part of the show.

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