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I happen to use Cloud Flare which supports DNS-O-Matic dynamic IP updates.

You can find a list of DNS-O-Matic supported services in their documentation.

DNS-O-Matic is a free service that will announce your dynamic IP changes to multiple dynamic DNS providers with a single update.

DNS-O-Matic supports a large number of dynamic dns clients, this page shows a few tested clients.

firewall) might be (re-)started via have built-in logfile support.

One of my favorite dynamic DNS services is DNS-O-Matic.Below are several methods for automatically updating dynamic IPs in Cloudflare DNS.Cloudflare DNS can be updated via the Cloudflare API.For example, a Cloudflare customer can create a script to monitor for IP address changes and then have the script push those changes to the Cloudflare API.ddclient is a third-party Perl client used to update dynamic DNS entries for accounts on various DNS providers.

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For my specific use case I configured ddclient running on my Ubuntu AWS instance to update DNS-O-Matic which in return updates my websites A record at my DNS host.

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