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Well, I decided to put bumble to the test to get this concept is really making dates happen.With that said, I used bumble for one week straight with only one goal, swipe right on everyone and score as many dates as physically possible and this was my experience.Getting started on bumble takes only 2 minutes to do.The very first thing I noticed was the quality of the women on this app. But what made day one interesting was that in just the first 30 swipes of using bumble I managed to yield 11 matches!Besides riding the recent wave of women empowerment, this whole “women make the first move” concept serves a larger purpose on dating apps.By restricting male contact through this one rule, bumble attempts to weed out creeps, reduce vulgar or pointless messaging, and aims to boost the quality of each match.

When I got to the home screen a sense of euphoria ran through my body as I noticed there was fresh honey in the jar (it’s really a beehive icon that takes you to your inbox, but I think honey jar sounds cooler).Please don't hide and wait for the right time to punch and kick them when meeting them in person. If you want to know the poor single person's life in Tokyo, Japan, check this blog out! irst, let me start by saying I like bumble dating app.A pretty low acceptance rate is what I was thinking, but for what it’s worth, this was a positive step towards achieving my goal in attempting to score some first dates.At this time, I began responding to my fellow female bumble bees in hopes to get acquainted.

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