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I am extremely pleased with this work in composition, execution and production.

I cannot fully explain it, most may not understand it if I could. The thing about vomiting is that one can watch it happening and hear it happening and most are no worse for the wear..fact, some with darker senses of humor may even get a weird thrill or sense of entertainment from witnessing the act. But the act of vomiting is one I truly despise and one I will surely try my hardest never to do again...metaphorically speaking.

It is, in fact, a song which first came into being back in 2002 while working on my DROL project.

It was demoed in 20 and then later expanded upon in 2005.

This piece, especially the last solo at , is dedicated to my late sister, Jessica Colleen Shaver, who passed earlier this year from a lengthy but admirably fought battle with Huntington's Disease. RIP Teshie :(I still have a concept to realize which I've called 'Riff Tapes'.

In essence this would be a collection of single riffs or some short progressions of riffs all neatly and soundly organized on to a full-length album.

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It would be its own thing, and operated mutually like in the distant past with very early MORBID DARKNESS.

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