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F W Nietzsche (talk) , 1 January 2009 (UTC) While you raise some interesting questions, you unfortunately also make a blanket statement that is at best unsupported, and likely to be offensive to many.

When I was a teenager, the only reason that girls ever gave for rejecting me was to say, "You're a nice guy." Then these girls would have long term relationships with guys who treated them badly, and they would tell me all about it. This is how the world ends up with 40 year old virgins, which I will be in two years.

There are literally over a thousand articles discussing this problem when querying with Ebsco (primarily in the Soc Index database).

This isn't some obscure cultural problem that only afflicts a handful of teens either.

Do the perpetrators target victims who are younger, weaker, poorer, of lower status than them?

Are previously abused teens more vulnerable to being abused in such a way?

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