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Factory records for 1949-1952 were bulked together and average production for the four years was given, as were records for 1953-1954. All figures are from the original old production records. Serial numbers were skipped so production in 1964 began at number 700000.

Serially numbered in the model 94 series and made from 1933 to 1957. Reintroduced as a model 64 with other specifications in 1972, discontinued in 1973. Differs from the model 69 in that the 697 has only scope sights and has no iron sights. Model 69 rifles with scope sights saw production of 769 guns.

Production reached 125,419, according to most factory records, with an additional 32 guns assembled after 1979.

Owning any firearm, however, is owning a piece history.It will also be stamped on the right side or left side of the barrel, usually just ahead of the chamber. It is located in front of the chamber and often also stamped on other major parts that can be discovered upon field stripping your firearm.Sometimes old or refurbished firearms will have different serial numbers on different parts. 95% of the original black paint on the base is still there.Guy Hubbard, a historian of Windsor, Vermont where Robbins and Lawrence made the Jennings repeater, stated in 1924 that he had been informed by principals of the company that only 1,000 Jennings and Smith Jennings rifles were made between 18 and of this number many were converted to single shots and many more were scrapped for parts.

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