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But they only know that I like one of them cause I'm dating him lol....

Setting up a few scenario options for you here: You’ve been dating someone for a long time and feel like you’ve done all the things together already.

It also helps that all the outcomes are put into four different groups, so you can feel good if you land in the same one.

Or if you’re single, you can pop your answer into your Bumble bio and see who bites.

This quiz tells you if you should confess and in what way (through text, call, face to face, through a Friend or through note) There is this guy I like but it is my boyfriend best friend.

require you to sign up, but trust, it is SO worth it.

Knowing how you each prefer to receive and express love (instead of assuming everyone wants hugs or surprise gifts) legit helps you make each other happier.

And if you want a faster experience, there’s also an app for that. And again, you only see what you both swiped right on.

Spice up your relationship with the #XConfessions App! You know how sometimes you pick an answer you feel you should pick, because you’re afraid of the results? All these questions ask you to think of something vague (like a cube in a desert) and how you imagine it reveals who you truly are. While using conversation starters with a romantic partner can, in theory, feel like you’re both in desperate need of things to talk about, these questions skip the small talk and dive right into topics even the closest couples maybe never broached before.

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Take it for yourself, and decide if it’s worth the hype!

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