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I asked every so often if my friend was okay and if they “needed anything” (God, I loathe that phrase…). I would give every fiber of my being to have my membership revoked and to never have to relive those immediate hours ever again.I made an effort to “be there” for my friend but, in all honesty, I don’t know that I was all that helpful. But, as I went through that horrible time, I had friends who extended kindnesses that had never, ever occurred to me to do for someone else in a time of need. No conscious thought runs through your head and, if you have a moment of clarity, that moment is steamrolled with a fresh wave of grief. Empty the dishwasher, handle the laundry, give your friend’s kids dinner.

Herman’s yearnings, saying they, too, would trade a year of their lives.The friend I didn’t know how to be UNTIL I lost my dad in October 2012.Before my father passed away, I did all the things you are “supposed” to do when a friend loses a parent: send a card, send flowers, say a prayer.He told me he wanted to give me something to train for and said that he’d already arranged for his daughter and I to stay with him for the weekend of the race. I’m just a friend who is watching my dear friends go through an awful journey that I didn’t know existed until 2012. He gave me hope that day in that letter and that beachside race was a PR for me. There are phone calls from the aisle of the grocery store because pasta sauce somehow reminds you of your dad. So, be the friend who answers and listens beyond the F word. And I hope they know that I hear them and that I’m always that gal who will say the F word with them.

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The one who “doesn’t judge.” But, when your friend is dealing with the loss of a parent, they are EXHAUSTING. The grief, the pain, the tears, the hurt, the anger, the outrage, it all comes out in verbal diarrhea. My running friends had to endure my horrid, wickedly angry self and they would run at my “I’m angry at the world” pace in a show of solidarity.

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