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You might be a little skeptical at first, but online dating services offer a lot of convenience for busy folks these days.

Also, another custom that families talk about in ‘khastegari’ called as ‘Mehrieh’. After this meeting, if the families especially the boy and girl want to know each other more, a period starts we called ‘Namzadi’.

To answer this question I should explain a custom which we called ‘Khastegari’.

‘Khastegari’ is a custom in which families of both girl and boy come to meet each other for the first time with or without knowing each other before and this time could be the first time the the boy and the girl meet each other.

Most people are almost always connected to some form of online service nowadays. It’s not uncommon to find couples that have actually met each other online. You get to meet people when you can, how cool is that?

One of the best things about online dating services is the convenience it brings to you. And you don’t even have to get out of the house to meet new folks.

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