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Developing these friendships can also create opportunities to travel to countries and experience life there as a local. As part of her school French course, she was connected with a girl called Juliette who came from a town in western France.

Libby would send her letters in French and receive a response in English so that Juliette could practice her skills.

It doesn’t matter if you’re: tall, short, old, young, employed, studying, pink, purple, from Mars or have a penchant for chocolate cake.

As long as you’re open to new people and experiences, you can be a pen pal.

But that’s one of the best things about being a pen pal; you don’t have to meet any specific requirements.Nona Avery and Alice Powers are a great example of this.After seeing Alice listed as an American looking for a pen pal in a popular girl’s annual, Nona sent a letter to her from her home in England.Being a pen pal is a less intimidating way of connecting with someone while practicing your writing skills in your target language.Crafting a letter to send to someone can help you learn new vocabulary, practice talking about specific themes, and improve your grammar.

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