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This was also her first time starring in one of TVB's annual year end grand productions.Despite this drama receiving mixed reviews during its run, it developed a strong fan base and became a frontrunner during awards season.She starred opposite popular Hong Kong actors Chui Tien-you and Theresa Fu.In 2011, Fu starred in the film Love Is the Only Answer.Also costarring is Matthew Ho, who similar to Fu, TVB has been grooming and promoting to be the their channel's next generation of popular actors and actresses.At the same time May Fortune Smile On You was airing, TVB also consecutively aired Burning Hands, where Fu played the second lead actress, starring opposite Ruco Chan and Rosina Lam.

In 2012, Fu had a supporting role in the film Fairy Tale Killer, playing Cindy. In 2013, Fu had her breakthrough playing Josie in the popular TVB drama sequel to the hit 2003 drama, Triumph in the Skies II.

In Burning Hands, Fu starred as Dawn, daughter of Fok Chun-sing (portrayed by Pal Sinn), and the love interest of Hugo (portrayed by Joel Chan).

Her performance once again garnered critical acclaim, garnering Fu her first nomination at the Star Hub TVB Awards, an annual award show held in Singapore, for Favorite Supporting Actress.

This coupling caused a media frenzy in Hong Kong as netizens speculated that they were dating each other in real life.

Fu's performance was so popular and well received that she, alongside fellow TVB actress, Rebecca Zhu, were chosen by the media as TVB's "Next-Gen Fadans." The previous group of TVB fadan's, which were the 5 most popular actresses at TVB were Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Kate Tsui, and Fala Chen.

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