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Add to this a bit of a sketchy aesthetic, and the G train hardly puts riders in the mood for consensual lovin’.“When you get there [to the Myrtle-Willoughby station] it looks -ish. For now, Brooklynites, if you’re looking for your Sliding Doors romance, stick to the L train.

' Without Me' singer Halsey is currently dating Yungblud, and has been romantically linked to G Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly. Halsey's been spotted cosying up to UK alt-rock star Yungblud over the past few months, but he's not the only famous face she's been linked to in the past.

She told Rolling Stone, "I had killed off a version of myself just so we could make our love work.

Sometimes you're in a relationship for so long and you become a different person.

A month later, the two were already speaking on the phone despite never having met each other, according to their joint March 2019 .

"That's exactly what happened," she quickly responded.

He's my favorite."The duo hasn't revealed how he proposed or set a wedding date, but based on how fast things are moving, they could be walking down the aisle sooner rather than later.

But if you think he's the first red-wine-­drinking, pretty-boy rocker in skinny jeans I've been associated with, you're out of your f**king mind." Halsey dated the Norwegian producer between 20 and revealed that her album, ' Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' was inspired by that relationship.

"There are no words to explain," Anuel told Their first song together was "Culpables," but the one where they gave the world a behind the scenes look at their relationship is "Secreto" ("Secret" in English).

The music video features home videos of their travels and private moments together.

The couple were photographed kissing several times and even released a song, '11 Minutes' together.

Their relationship seems to be going from strength to strength as they always support each other and post about each other.

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The ' Without Me' singer has dated a host of musicians, producers and rappers - check out who she's been linked to.

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