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They expressed sorrow and confessed that the group had sinned against some of its most vulnerable members.

They promised swift action against specific abusers.

THIS is what can happen if you don’t mind your business.

A reputation of a girl set for her by her community can destroy her life, figuratively & literally.

For decades, NTM clung to a tradition once common among other mission organizations: When parents left for remote mission outposts, NTM usually expected (though it didn't require) that parents leave their children in boarding schools staffed by other NTM missionaries.

It wasn't just the difficult conditions of the mission field; it also was a ministry philosophy the report described this way: "The children were viewed as a hindrance to the work of God." NTM leaders believed couples could achieve more without the distraction of children and encouraged parents to leave their children behind for the sake of other souls.

It wasn't just the country's war-zone conditions of the 1980s and 1990s that brought dread into the hearts of young boarding school students who missed their parents at bedtime: For many of the children, the midnight prowlers they feared most were the missionaries assigned to protect them.Twenty years later, their dark story of abuse is getting daylight, exposing the victims' ordeal and the child abusers who remain free today.In late August, an evangelical organization called GRACE, an acronym for Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment, issued the results of a year-long investigation into child abuse at Fanda, a now-closed boarding school operated by New Tribes Mission (NTM)-one of the largest evangelical mission agencies based in the United States.Higher NTM authorities, even when some perpetrators admitted to abusing children, failed to investigate thoroughly or respond aggressively.According to the report, NTM leaders allowed some of the worst abusers to resign, without terminating their employment.

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