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If you don't look carefully, most nipples look more or less the same. It's true that most of us have a nipple or two (some of us have three, or more) but we certainly don't all have the same nipples or the same relationship to our nipples.There are variations in color and size, of course, but for a lot of us who haven't thought about them much, nipples are like elbows. Some of us may have nipples we've never felt or never liked.Then you can spread out your stimulation, around the areola and then the chest.Or you can just start with the tip of your finger on the nipple and without taking your finger off the nipple move your hand so that you create a kind of pointed vibrating feeling.Many nipples are highly sensitive to both touch and temperature, so as you are exploring try to notice how both your partner and their nipples are responding.Think about a part of your body that gives you the most immediate feedback, and that may be the best part to start exploring nipples with.

Come at it from above and gently begin to rub or run circles around the nipple.

The anticipation will be thrilling for some (and do nothing for others).

Once you have permission, nibbling and even biting may be something your partner wants.

For these reasons, it's worthwhile to find out a bit about the nipples you are touching before you touch them.

Some people love having their nipples stimulated, others won't want you near them. "are there parts of your body you love having touched and parts that you don't like people touching?

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