Dating an oil rig worker

Most scammers do not want to do video calling at all.Where did you find his pictures and is his name Philip Wang? I've been chatting to someone calling himself Kurt Christian Scholz, using the profile picture of an Australian entrepreneur called Joe Cross, Says he lives in Amsterdam but has contract with transocean to carry out work on rig in the gulf of Mexico. Lots of "Dear" and pictures of some cute Asian dude.Luckily, I've done so much dating that my heart and brain just went into auto-pilot protective mode from the start and did not relent even to the end. Keep your personal info extremely guarded until in-person meetings dictate otherwise; even then, it may take more than a year to truly trust someone. He sent photoshopped pictures, a fake passport, and stolen pictures from another Asian guy.If you're not extremely experienced and also somewhat "jaded," that emotions are like a powerful drug; so BEWARE. Google all kinds of key words to obtain info, lots of info. Then he asked me if he could send a package to my house. A week later I started getting emails from a shipper, asking for money. I've found a lot of pictures and fake profiles using those same stolen pictures, so I thought he was lying to me but instead he was another scammer. Signs: 1) Too many personal questions, very quickly2) No reciprocal information - they do not answer your questions3) Attempts at superficial, glib romantic attempts before they know anything about you as a person (personally, I thought this was a turn-off)4) Not forthcoming with details, no job knowledge5) Broken english Probably looking for cash; or a Green card. A cat or dog will love you unconditionally, and will NOT steal from you. My story is the same just the names and locations are different.I reported him to Pokerist and just would like to get this crew arrested for preying on people's emotions.Oil rig Engineer as profession..not answer any direct questions, very shady, answers every thing with "my dear." He didn't get any money- didn't ask, but it was probably coming - I sent him a picture of my face - that was bad enough. I will not accept requests anymore from people I do not really know..friends. " He said quote: "Using various equipment on drill floor to assist in the production of drilling of oil." That was priceless! Oil rig in Yellow Sea off the coast of South Korea.He was attractive (probably not even really him in picture) that's honestly why I said yes to the FB request. Owned two barges and flew to Singapore to Purchase a third.

Next stop: FBI I have found out who the real person is from the photos the fake rig engineer sent to me. The real guy is a successful entrepreneur from Vietnam. Scammers are a very sophisticated group, they can steal and copy pictures, do make overs, and change their location on their computers. He said he is a Swedish Citizen living in Lund Sweden. He has an open FB profile not sure where he stole these pictures. He said he is on the high sea in Sicily Italy and he traveled to many places. He is a very hard working man sleeping only 2-3 hours a day.EXTREMELY clever and intelligent, likely pathological given the amount of time and effort and careful consistency put into almost five months of efforts (hardly worth the money IMHO, but if he enjoys the "thrill of the kill" then that's the big incentive); the first two to three months were taken with a grain of salt. He's got 631 followers, or so it appears, who don't actually follow him.There were extremely well-forged documents, such as CA Driver's License, Passport (!!! If you're keeping track of ALL the details, you might notice little (or big) suspicious red flags. He's still claiming to be an engineer and still claiming to be the father of two beautiful flowers. Please be on the lookout for him, sisters. Sad thing is they say most are married and the wife's sitting there watching and they are just as guilty maybe no one works as the whole family are scammers.I am filing a report with the Sheriff in the morning.Not expecting anything to happen as a result of filing the complaint. I found this guy at Match, supposedly 50 y/o petroleum engineer, lives in NYC, ?

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