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fill=2030&resize=480:*"Shorts in the winter again but kept simple yet cool with monchrome colours." title="Daisy Lowe" class="lazyimage lazyload" data-src="https://hips.hearstapps.com/elleuk.cdnds.net/15/37/2048x2730/2048x2730-9478a972-29f9-11e6-8281-db6e33d38b1a-assets-elleuk-com-gallery-16454-1325881292-daisy-lowe-jpg.jpg?fill=2030&resize=480:*"Daisy brightens her black pinafore dress, leather jacket, tights and shoes with a colourful cartoon t - shirt." title="Daisy Lowe" class="lazyimage lazyload" data-src="https://hips.hearstapps.com/elleuk.cdnds.net/15/37/2048x2730/2048x2730-9478a973-29f9-11e6-8281-db6e33d38b1a-assets-elleuk-com-gallery-16454-1325881293-daisy-lowe-jpg.jpg?‘My grandparents had always helped look after me, they were always there’, she says.So when Edgar was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago, Daisy’s world came crashing down. ‘My granddad – Gramps - was like my superhero and all of a sudden I had to face his mortality, the idea that he may not be around. There was no decision that I wasn’t going to spend every moment I could with him and my family. I’d take him for hospital visits, I’d go to chemo with him, sit with him, cook for him. Nothing had any meaning except being with him and my family. Our family may not be conventional but we are incredibly close.resize=480:*"Daisy Lowe wearing Yves Saint Laurent to the Wolf of Wall Street premiere, January 2014." title="Daisy-Lowe-Yves-Saint-Lauren-Wolf-Of-Wall-Street-January-2014-REX" class="lazyimage lazyload" data-src="https://hips.hearstapps.com/elleuk.cdnds.net/15/37/2048x2730/2048x2730-k-com-gallery-16454-1392731838-daisy-lowe-yves-saint-lauren-wolf-of-wall-street-january-2014-rex-jpg.jpg?

‘The Strictly Curse’ has claimed at least nine relationships since 2004, with professional dancers and their celebrity counterparts experiencing breakups during or soon after their appearance on the show – with some dance pairs then getting together outside of the ballroom, if you catch our drift…

But because of the cancer, all his tastes changed and he lost his appetite and stopped eating. I felt really responsible when I was young and there was quite a bit of role reversal with my mum and I when I was younger.

‘I don’t know quite what was going on with me but I just took that place. When I was 19 and I split up from my first boyfriend (the model Will Cameron) I was so devastated I lost two stone. I’m meant to have curves.’ Her plans include more modelling, and more acting (she appears in Tulip Fever and the Ab Fab movie this year) – as well as ‘more travelling and seeing more of the world.’ I remind daisy that almost a decade ago, she told me her aim was to settle down with children. ‘But then when she moved to the country and changed her life, I slowly started to lose that feeling and the roles changed again.

Having modelled since the age of 15, Daisy has always been considered a ‘large’ model as she cannot fit into sample size six clothes. ‘I love those beautiful classic styles, my favourite designers are Saint Laurent, Christopher Kane, Frame and Paige Denim.

I think ladylike is very sexy.’ She looks incredibly happy too. ‘When you think you are going to lose someone but you don’t then it makes you feel completely blessed and ready to take on anything.

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