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There’s only one main spot where you can cliff jump from safely, although I’m sure the locals may know of a few hidden gems.

The jump down is about 10 meters, and you will definitely have to face your fears if you’re scared of heights.

The Ayia Napa sea caves are a hugely popular spot for diving, snorkeling, and swimming, making this area a perfect thing to add to the list of things to do in Ayia Napa.

According to legend, ancient pirates would hide stolen booty in these caves and use them as hideouts.

There are even steps carved into the stone for an easy descent into the crypts.

If you find yourself getting a little spooked, the beach is just a stone’s throw away and a good place to cool off before heading on to the next part of your day.

But in this instance, it’s worth it; the Thalassa Museum is a great choice from things to do in Ayia Napa to get a little cover from the sun.

There are varying levels of glass walkways and stairs to give visitors the chance to view the fascinating wreck from every angle.

The museum is open year-round (but closed on Sundays during the winter season) with entrance fees for adults & students.

This is a great place to do beach activities like waterskiing, paddle boating, and diving.

However, the one thing that puts Makronissos on a level of its own are the archeological tombs carved into the rocky ground nearby; they are not really manned, so it is a nice opportunity to do a little unobstructed exploring.

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