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I have them 69 on my desk while I use my thumb to test who has the tighest asshole.

The central heating has switched off for the night.

A while back Natalia decided to film my sessions for special customers who’ll buy made-to-order “fuck-me-grandpa” teen movies.

My favourite is the Happy Meal: both girls get a toy, and I finish on their smiling faces, isn’t that cute?

We still have fifteen minutes left but I can’t bear it any more.

I didn’t understand him at the time; didn’t know the sorrow that the loss of grace can bring to us, the damaged ones.

I catch sight of myself in the mirror of the incredibly ugly Edwardian umbrella stand; the first and only piece of furniture Nina bought for the house.

I sit up in the chair, staring at the screen, reading the last line again and again.

I should be afraid, angry, filled with adrenalin; instead, I am calm, as if I had been waiting for this all along.

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