Courtney robertson dating old rich guy

I dare you to listen to this and not get the tune stuck in your head all day long!


everyone here knows whit is a fag, and probably t-rav. gay as the day is long, everybody knows it, but is married and has kids.

However, back in Ben-land, he is still falling in love with her.

In his last blog for , he explains what it is that he sees in Courtney.

We always love it when a reality show has a secret gay conspiracy.

I was hesitant to even explore this one because it seemed pretty unlikely, but tonight on the show when co-star Craig Conover talked about 46-year-old Whitney Sudler-Smith’s new Austrian girlfriend in air quotes and implied how convenient it was that she lived overseas I decided I had to at least examine the evidence. One, the lack of a serious long-term girlfriend—well he does have a girlfriend but she is 25 years his junior and lives in another country—actress/model Larissa Marolt. Three, his obsession with BFF Thomas Ravenel and his disdain for Thomas’ new girlfriend Kathryn Dennis.

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