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was automatically created by Xcode, because you activated “Use Core Data” when we set up the project.

These assets contain images that we are going to use as button images.

The following short video is going to illustrate the process of creating the UI and how to connect it with the View Controller class. We have a data model, we also have a user interface.

That means, the time of preparation is over and we can finally have a look at some code.

At the same time, the type of food you chose and the time you pressed the button are saved using Core Data.

In the upper right corner, you also have a “Remind me” button, which allows you to schedule notifications to be regularly reminded about eating something healthy.

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The moc sits at the top of the Core Data stack and could be simplified like this: To access the moc, you will need to use the view Context property of the persistent container.

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