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SCC is an increasingly attractive choice for optimizing site manpower (through reduction of labor and possibly skill level), lowering noise levels, and allowing for a safer working environment.SCC allows easier pumping (even from bottom up), flows into complex shapes, transitions through inaccessible spots, and minimizes voids around embedded items to produce a high degree of homogeneity and uniformity.External vibrators shall be used to reach the center while the internal vibrator can be used to consolidate the center portion of the concrete mass.Lack of consolidation can cause voids, rock pockets, honeycombing, and poor bonding with the rebar.The vibrator should be inserted vertically into the mix, and then slowly withdrawn.

On the other hand, excessive vibration can create bulged walls and blowouts. It consists of a steel closed and round tip with an electric vibrating element inside of it.These tools have specific applications, such as small pours that require a minimal amount of vibration.Surface vibrators are located on top of the concrete that has been poured.This type of vibrator will have a direct vibration effect on the formwork and the concrete, and by doing this, they will normally consume more power than other vibrators.External vibrators will normally consolidate concrete in a radius of 18 inches away from the formwork.

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