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The form, a poorly doctored copy of a common Army form used to correct information in a soldier's official record, included a blank to fill in the intended victim's social security number.

Robinson said she knew people didn't have to register to talk to soldiers and refused to fill out the form.

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The fake's cover was blown by Robinson after she had begun talking to him thinking he was one of several people named Mark Johnson that she knew.

Scamsters are targeting women on Facebook in what's becoming an all-too-common ruse: They steal photos of soldiers to set up profiles, profess their love and devotion in sappy messages — and then ask their victims to cut a check. James Hursey, 26, discharged and sent home from war in Iraq to nurse a back injury, found a page with his photos on Facebook — on a profile that wasn't his.

Only one state, California, has made online impersonation a crime, said Tim Senft, founder of, a website that focuses on scams via social media.

It was fake, set up by someone claiming to be an active-duty soldier looking for love.

This screenshot shows a Facebook page set up by a person impersonating Army Sgt.

James Hursey and showing Facebook friend Janice Robinson.

Grey said there are no known instances of Army personnel losing money in such scams. The scammers use untraceable e-mail addresses, route accounts through international locations, and use pay-per-hour Internet cyber-cafes that also make it difficult to trace them, Grey said.

The Army encourages anyone who suspects they are being used in a scam to file a report with their local police as well as report the cases to agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission.

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