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Odds are that, at least one time in your life, a relationship will need to be ended. Here’s what I said to one young man before he started dating his girlfriend: “This is the goal that love calls you to.

Getting to know someone’s family can reveal a lot of things—not all of them good—and it can make us re-evaluate our own situation in life.First, let’s look at why so many couples breakup in January.The first reason is a little ironic: in addition to being a popular month for breakups, December and January are also very popular months for couples to get engaged. Couple A has been dating for 3 years and they notice that Couple B who have been dating for 9 months just got engaged over Christmas. ” and conclude that maybe the match just isn’t going anywhere.‘My girlfriend and I recently split up,’ said the Facebook message. I don’t want to lose her from my life, but I’m still hurting from the break-up and find it painful to be around her.What do you think, Hopeful Girl – can you really stay friends with an ex?

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