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Charmaine didn’t give in, of course, but when asked when was the last time she dated, Charmaine joked, “Yesterday!

” Upon seeing everyone’s shocked responses, Charmaine quickly smiled and added, “I was kidding.”Admitting that she enjoys dating, the 43-year-old actress eventually told Kevin that she has been in at least ten relationships over the course of her life.

He has never forced me to watch any of them, but I bought the DVDs recently, so I plan to watch them. If you don't know him, he can seem very cool and a little standoffish.

When Kevin told her that he’s heard rumors of her rich dating life, Charmaine said, “Really? ” Kevin then asked, “I heard you had over ten boyfriends!

” Charmaine paused a little, and then admitted, “I did.

Watching movies used to be mindless entertainment for me.

) into revealing some of her previous relationships.

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